Fabio Golfetti (born, 10 April 1960 in São Paulo, Brazil) started out in music playing classical guitar, then during the mid 70s he switched to the electric guitar. At 18 he formed his first jazz-rock-progressive group LUX playing the local college circuit,  followed by the band Zero in 1983, through which recorded the single ‘Heróis’. He has a guitar playing style very influenced by names such Syd Barrett, Terje Rypdal, Manuel Gottsching, and also he plays Glissando Guitar, a technique invented by the Australian poet-musician Daevid Allen (former Soft Machine/Gong leader).

In 1985 after left Zero, he formed Violeta de Outono a psychedelic rock band, which he plays until today and has recorded several works, highlighting Violeta de Outono (LP, BMG/Ariola, 1987), a classic album of the Brazilian rock discography. Violeta de Outono toured extensively around Brazil in the 80’s, keeping a distinctive sound that made them a cult band up to the present day.

By 1988 he started developing the side project Invisible Opera Company of Tibet, code name created by Daevid Allen which original idea is, as he says, “an international ideological/spiritual/ aesthetic communications network for artists of all kinds… who share the common vision of warm hearted. pan-stylistic, inclusive art forms which serve the drive towards conscious evolution”. Invisible Opera’s first appearance was in 1968 in a Parisian cafe, with Daevid Allen & Gilli Smyth. In the late 80’s, Invisible Opera reappeared in Australia with Russell Hibbs, in England with Brian Zero, and in Brazil with Fabio Golfetti, releasing the album, Invisible Opera Company of Tibet – Glissando Spirit (CD, Voiceprint, 1993)

In 2006 played on the Gong Unconvention at Melkweg in Amsterdam with the The Glissando Orchestrae performing The Seven Drones: 10 guitarists of the psychedelic universe including Steve Hillage (Gong), Daevid Allen (Gong), Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple), Steffe Sharpstrings (Here & Now), Fabio Golfetti (Invisibles Brazil), Josh Pollock (University of Errors), Brian Abbott (Invisibles UK), Harry Williamson (Mother Gong), Jerry Bewley (Kangaroo Moon), Steve Higgins (House of Thandoy).

In 2007 joined Daevid Allen’s Gong Global Family for a series of concerts in Brazil, that was captured on a DVD, ‘Live In Brazil’. This originated a new psychedelic space-jazz trio called Band of Pixies, with his mates, Gabriel Costa and Fred Barley that in 2010 recorded UFO Planante album. Also in 2007 recorded another highlight of Violeta de Outono discography, Volume 7 (CD, Voiceprint), a new milestone for the group’s sound, with influences from rock, jazz, pop and some of the 1970’s English Canterbury scene.

Over the last years he has a continuous work with Violeta de Outono, besides side projects with other musicians.

Since 2012 joined the legendary psychedelic rock band Gong for the UK/Europe tour, with Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Orlando Allen, Ian East and Dave Sturt. Over the last four years with Gong, they shape the new sound of the band including the addition of the new guitarist Kavus Torabi, and recorded the album ‘I See You’, completing a cycle of Gong history. The album was released in 27th October 2014, exactly 45 years from their debut gig in 1969 at Amougies Byg Actuel Festival.

São Paulo, September 2015